As a student of Ace Dance Academy, I choose to…

  • Be a role model and represent Ace Dance Academy with integrity both inside the studio and throughout the community
  • Respect Ace teachers & staff, parents, fellow students and myself at all times
  • Attend class regularly as a courtesy to my instructor and peers
  • Arrive for class 10 minutes early in order to be fully prepared at the start of class
  • Use the restroom before class begins
  • Dress in the required class attire without jewelry and with my hair secured properly
  • Remain in the classroom once class has begun and leave only with instructor’s permission
  • Wait for my ride inside the studio building within view of an Ace Dance Academy staff member
  • Treat the studio with respect at all times, which means I will:

                ·  eat only in designated areas of the studio
                ·  always throw my own trash away
                ·  avoid hanging or leaning on the barres
                ·  avoid disrupting a class that is in session
                ·  leave food, drink and gum outside the classroom
                ·  recognize that I am not invited behind the front desk at any time

To dance is to be out of yourself.
Larger, more beautiful, more powerful.

~Agnes De Mille