2020 Virtual Summer Schedule

Tuition for Entire 5-Week Session

1 class/week $95
2 classes/week $175
3 classes/week $245
4 classes/week $305
5 classes/week $345
6 classes/week $375
7 classes/week $390
Unlimited $440

Other Fees

Summer Registration $20
Single Class $20
Private Lesson 1 hour $90
Private Lesson 45 min $75
Private Lesson 30 min $60
Private Lesson 15 min $45


  • Our 2020 Summer Program is Virtual: June 15 – August 7
  • Join classes, camps, & intensives from anywhere in the world over Zoom!
  • Summer Program is based on dancer’s age on July 1, 2020
  • Ace is committed to Healthy Screen Time Practices for camps & intensives
  • We are currently accepting registrations for our fun-filled dancing summer!



Ages 3-9: Maximum 40 minutes of screen time, followed by Dance Break

Ages 10+: Maximum 50 minutes of screen time, followed by Dance Break

What is a Dance Break? It is a time to be away from your tablet, laptop, or device. The Dance Break is 10-20 minutes and benefits the health and well-being of our dancers and instructors!

Dance Break may include:

  •   Time to choreograph & create
  •   Time to breathe, stretch, & meditate
  •   Time to go outside for fresh air
  •   Time to free-dance to your favorite song
  •   Time to connect with a loved one and show off your moves
  •   Time to create a dance costume from your closet
  •   Time to re-fuel with water and a healthy snack


Secondary Camp Schedule

Summer Intensives

Primary Class Schedule

Secondary Class Schedule

To dance is to be out of yourself.
Larger, more beautiful, more powerful.

~Agnes De Mille