Ace’s 2020 Virtual Production Pigment of Your Imagination


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Virtual June Production

We are excited to bring you a virtual June production this year! Please read all details and get ready for a show unlike any you have ever experienced. We are committed to making the show available to ALL Ace dancers, regardless of their current financial situation. Please see the Performer Package paragraph. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to a fantastic show!



We truly hope that all Ace dancers choose to participate in this virtual production opportunity, including dancers who had previously “opted-out.” The quality, professionalism, and supportive atmosphere will remain true to Ace’s mission and strong sense of community. We are excited to bring our Ace family together! Sign Up Now!


Full Ace Class Schedule via Zoom: April 27 – May 16

For 3 weeks, April 27th through May 16th, Ace will zoom real-time dance classes with your child’s regular instructor at normal class time. We will run the Full Ace Class Schedule with zoom classes, all three dance studios simultaneously, Monday through Saturday. The focus during these classes is re-connecting with one another and crafting a virtual dance piece with your instructor. Zoom classes will continue to be recorded and available in our ACE Digital Dance folder entitled Production Classes. This feature will allow your dancer to review the zoom session at any time. These 3 weeks of the Full Ace Class Schedule will make-up for our closure in March. Please note, we will send a separate email to Ensemble dancers regarding Fridays.



Rest assured that all costumes will be distributed once it is safe to do so. However, we do not feel it is safe to distribute costumes to our families during this time. Some of you have received costumes, and some of you have not. For our virtual production, dancers may:

  • Wear the show costume if they have it
  • Create their own show costume (appropriate to the music and Ace’s Dress Code)


Email Your Production Dance Videos: May 17 – 30

  • From May 17th through May 30th, we ask all Ace parents to record their child doing the production dance(s). Please send the video(s) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by May 30th. Video tips:
  • Record at the highest resolution possible
  • If using a mobile device, make sure it is in landscape mode
  • Please record in one continuous shot
  • Move tables, chairs, etc. out of the way so your dancer has a safe space
  • Make sure dancer’s whole body is in the frame and account for movement
  • Leave space at the beginning and end of your video so we can cut accordingly
  • Have fun with it!


Costume, Hair, & Make-Up for Production Dance Videos:

  • Wear your costume (either the actual show costume or “create your own”)
  • Production Hair (Primary): pulled away from face, any style
  • Production Hair (Secondary): slick, high ponytail
  • Make-Up (All): your choice


Video Production

Once all production dance videos have been submitted, we will begin working hard to produce a professional, well-crafted virtual production experience. All dances will be included on a flash drive, DVD, or Blu-Ray. Ensemble pieces will not be a part of the production video, as many families have Dupree and/or Holiday Party videos, a more accurate representation of the pieces. Please note that we will include videos to celebrate 5-year pin students, 10-year plaque students, junior leaders, teacher assistants, Ensemble members, dance captains, and graduating seniors. We anticipate production time to take 4-6 weeks from the video submission date of May 23rd.


Performer Package Cost

In order to cover the cost of creating and producing this year’s production experience, all dancers who participate in the production will need to purchase the Performer Package, which includes a production video and show t-shirt. The Performer Package cost is dependent upon the number of dances each student is in (a.k.a. the number of videos that you send us). Parents may choose to pay right away, split the cost into 3 installments, or defer payment to a later time. We are offering these 3 options so that all dancers can participate, no matter their current financial situation. 


Number of Dances Performer Package Cost

1-2 $75

3-4 $100

5-6 $125

7+ $150

Please note: Ensemble dances are not included in the above Number of Dances calculations


Family Videos & T-Shirts

You may purchase additional production videos or show t-shirts when you Sign Up!


Participation Fees, Tickets, & Photo Day

We will not charge participation fees nor will there be a need to purchase tickets. Though we are not holding our previously planned Photo Day on May 17th, we hope to re-schedule Photo Day at a later time if possible (when all dancers have their costumes).


Ace Calendar At-A-Glance

April 13-17 & 20-24 Zoom Classes (2-6p)

April 27-May 16 Full Ace Class Schedule via Zoom (M-F 1:30-9:00p; Sa 9:00a-1:45p)

May 17-23 Parents email production dance videos to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

May 18-21 Zoom Classes (2-6p)

May 22-25 Closed for Memorial Weekend

May 29 Registration Opens for 20-21 School Year Session at 10:00a

May 26-29, June 1-5 Zoom Classes (2-6p)

June 6-14 Closed for Summer Break

June 15 Summer Session Begins (whether virtual or in-person; more details to come)

August 17 School Year Session Begins


Thank You

We understand that this information is a lot to digest; it is for us too. Thank you for your incredible kindness and encouragement as we do our best to follow through on designing and implementing an experience that is such an important part of our dancers’ lives. We hope to produce the best virtual production possible and make memories that last! It is extremely important that we stay connected to one another and continue to spread the love and support that make Ace such an amazing community. Thank you for being a vital part of the Ace family!


To dance is to be out of yourself.
Larger, more beautiful, more powerful.

~Agnes De Mille