Ace Dance Academy "Choreographed Cuisine" Highlights 2015

Highlights from our 2015 dance concert.


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Ace Dance Academy 2014 - "People Among Us"

Highlights from our 2014 dance concert.


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Ace Dance Academy 2013 - "It's a Numbers Game"

Highlights from our 2013 dance concert.


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Ace Dance Academy 2012 - "Liberty and Dance for All"

Highlights from our 2012 dance concert.


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Ace Dance Academy 2011 - "A Time for Love"

Highlights from our 2011 dance concert.


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Ace Dance Academy 2010 - "Outdoor Adventure"

Highlights from our 2010 dance concert.


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Ace Dance Academy 2009 - "On the Road Again"

Highlights of Ace Dance Academy 2009 Show entitled "On the Road Again". Located in Walnut Creek, Ace Dance Academy has a dynamic staff of teaching professionals dedicated to helping students of all ages gain self-confidence and poise through the study and practice of movement, rhythm and techniques of ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary and hip-hop.


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To dance is to be out of yourself.
Larger, more beautiful, more powerful.

~Agnes De Mille