We Aim To Instill In Our Students


A life-long love of the arts and a strong sense of self-expression that extends beyond the classroom


The value of integrity, a commitment to foster outreach in our greater community and a family-oriented atmosphere within the studio


Outstanding dance technique in a nurturing professional atmosphere

Ace Dance AcademyWe provide students in all areas of dance with a strong technical foundation in a nurturing professional atmosphere. While not all students have professional aspirations, they will develop poise and confidence, as well as a life-long love of the arts. The focus, commitment and discipline gained during class and rehearsal are qualities that extend to all areas of life. Students will also build strength, coordination, flexibility, balance and musicality. Dance is a performing art, therefore we offer the opportunity for all students to participate in our full-scale performance in June that will display their growth as dancers and give them the chance to understand all facets of professional stage production.

Ace Dance Academy strives to utilize dance education as a tool for outreach in our community.  We believe that dance is a powerful gift that is meant to be shared.  Select groups of dancers will share their talents with various community groups.  There will also be smaller-scale outreach projects going on throughout each session.

In the future, our students may no longer remember the choreography they learned at Ace; however, they will always cherish their individual experiences and the relationships formed here as they developed the skills and confidence for a successful life whether or not they have chosen to be life-long dancers.

Placing students is a very individualized and complex process. Student progress is regularly evaluated in order to provide the best opportunity for learning. We place students in classes where they can simultaneously build self-confidence and feel challenged. One student may respond to the complexities of a more difficult class by working harder, while another may feel frustrated and become discouraged. The faculty bases their class placement decisions on numerous years of dance training and teaching experience as well as their knowledge of each student.

All classes at Ace Dance Academy will use only age-appropriate movement, costumes and music. We feel that this is an integral aspect of teaching young dancers proper dance etiquette and the importance of respecting themselves, one another, instructors, parents and the studio space. Music in class, during rehearsal, and for productions is carefully monitored and always free of questionable lyrics. Movements in class, production choreography, and costumes are always tasteful and appropriate for the age group being taught. Ace Dance Academy is a safe, positive, and professional environment for students of all ages.

To dance is to be out of yourself.
Larger, more beautiful, more powerful.

~Agnes De Mille